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Copy Paste Income System Review

Copy Paste Income System Review - What Is The Copy Paste Income System?

The Copy Paste Income System is a money making system that shows you how to set up passive income streams. Simply put, its an "autopilot" money making system. 

How Does The Copy Paste Income System Work?

What Ewen Chia teaches you is how to create what he calls "mini e-books". These e-books contain information that the reader is searching for. This isn't your typical "sales pitch" marketing strategy. The e-books that you create can be from 5 to 20 pages long. All with information that not only attracts the readers attention but places you as the expert since you are the one supplying them with the information. 

You don't need a website, landing page or anything for the Copy Paste Income System to work. Everything you use is a free resource. But if you do have a website or blog, this may help you rank better.
Where Do I Get The Information To Put In My E-Book?

If you want to write your own ebook, you can. But Ewen shows you the real reason why he calls this the Copy Paste Income system.

As long as you do it correctly, Ewen shows you the fastest way to find the information from article directories. You just simply;
  1. search for answers to the problem
  2. Copy what you found
  3. Paste it in your ebook
  4. Income from your product. 
Again, there is a right way of doing this Copy Paste Income system and a wrong way. Ewen shows you the right way so that you get started on the right foot. 

How Do I Make Money With The Copy Paste Income System?

In the mini e-books that you create, you'll be adding a few promotions. You don't want to make it to "pitchy" but you do want to give just enough to gain your readers attention to it. You want to make sure that whatever product you are promoting relates to the topic of your e-book too. So if you are creating a e-book about weight loss, then the product you promote should also be about weight loss. 

What Do I Do With My E-Book Once Finished?

Since your e-book with be in PDF format, you're going to upload them to document sites like slideshare. You get a list of sites with the Copy Paste System so that saves you the trouble of having to find them on your own. 

Here are a few E-books that I created with the Copy Paste Income System. You can see when I uploaded them and how many views they have gotten since. 

Conclusion Of The Copy Paste Income System

The entire concept of the Copy Paste Income system is to create a  viral system for yourself by publishing mini e-books. They're extremely easy to make, only takes about 10 to 15 minutes. And the traffic that you get from these document share sites are legit. 

The other plus side to the Copy Paste Income system is that the almost all the document sharing sites you publish to hold high page rank. So adding a link back to your website (if you have one) is recommended for some great backlinks.

The Copy Paste Income System is so easy to follow that anyone, beginner to experienced marketer could easy do this. Plus all the e-books you create, you can use later as a free gift to build your email list with. 

Go check it out for yourself. 

Copy Paste Income Review

Copy Paste Income Review

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